Hulk 4X4 DC-DC Fully Automatic Battery Charger





  • Automatic Input Selection

Automatically selects the input, Alternator, Solar, DC, based on the Active input. No manual switching required.

  • Dual Charging Mode

Works with both fixed voltage (standard voltage 12-24V) and variable voltage (Smart Alternators).

  • Ignition Connection

Allows “Low Input Operation” suitable for variable voltage alternators.

  • Multi-Chemistry Charging

Capable of charging a variety of rechargeable batteries, like Lead Acid Wet / Flooded types, GEL, AGM, MF, Calcium and Lithium batteries.

  • Solar MPPT Regulator

Maximises the power available from solar panels even in low light.

  • 7 Stage Intelligent Switch Mode Charging

Unique charging algorithm enhances the life of batteries by ensuring a full charge and conditioning. It also recovers batteries many times faster than an alternator.

  • Wide Operating Range

Vehicle voltage input from 11 – 32 Volt, Solar input is from 9 – 42 Volt and DC input (40amp only) 11 – 32 Volt.

  • Temperature Compensation

Using the temperature sensor, the charger continually adjusts its charge rate to suit the battery temperature protecting the battery from overcharging and overheating.

  • Super Quiet Operation

No internal fan ensures a super quiet operation.

  • Parallel Connection Units

Can be connected in parallel to provide more output when using high output alternators.

Additional accessory that provides ease of wiring when multiple earths are required.

An additional accessory the LCD display monitors the Main & Auxiliary batteries status.


  • Reverse Polarity

Detects reversed connection on the input or output terminals preventing internal damage.

  • Built in Battery Isolator

Isolates the main and auxiliary batteries at pre-set parameters preventing the main battery from being drained by the accessories connected to the auxiliary battery.

  • Spark Free

Will not begin charging unless the load is securely fastened, preventing output leads from sparking due to an accidental short circuit.

  • Versatile Installation

IP67 Rating, sealed against dust and water ingress. Safe to operate in -20°C to 85°C temperatures.

2 Year Warranty

Additional information

Weight 1.15 kg
Dimensions 95 × 220 × 200 mm